We have arrived!!

Au revoir Texas and Bonjour Paris!

We have arrived and all is well. We left Texas literally with bang. The morning of our departure, we were met with a Texas sized storm. I will agree with Brandon when he said, at 3am, "I am not going to miss these storms." Besides the storm, our departure from Texas was fine. In case any of you were wondering, we were not on American Airlines...no delays for us...just champagne during take off on Lufthansa.
My mom the, packing expert, got all 10 of our bags packed. We stayed at The Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine the night before we left, just to make sure the kids were nice and exhausted for the flight and it worked like a charm. The flight went great. Jaylee was thrilled when she found out that she 1. had her own seat and 2. it came complete with a headset, personal tv, reclining and massaging chair and o' let us not forget free chocolate bars. She decided that just one was not enough, so she downed another while her dad was sleeping...hence Jaylee pulled her first all nighter. Meanwhile, the flight attendant asked me if I had given Aidan a sleeping pill. Narcaleptic Aidan did it again...he slept 8 out of 9 hours! No, I did not share my wine with him.

Before our final destination we had a stop in Germany, where the kids took in some down time before the next flight.

Upon landing in Paris, Aidan was as chipper as could be and Sister, well...not so much. The chocolate bar high was over and she was done.
We arrived in Paris at about 1:30 in the afternoon so, we still had a big day ahead. The kids did fine, we went to the supermarket for a few things and the bakery where Jaylee tried out her French with a "mercy" instead of "merci". You have to love Texas.
Well, today is our second day in Paris and we are still doing just fine. We took the kids to see the Eiffel Tower and the Siene River. Miss Jaylee said that it was huge. Much bigger than the picture in her room! The time adjustment is certainly getting to them, because Jaylee asked to go home and go to bed tonight. So, the kids are in bed and mom and dad are working on the 2nd bottle of red that Bradon picked up on one of his "research" days before we all got here. Well ladies and gentlemen, so far so good. Check back 2 -3 times a week for postings on the Rice family in Paris!
Bonne nuit.
P.s. I can't get the spell check to work...I warned you we were 2 bottles in.


Yolanda said...

Glad the trip was decent.

This afternoon the boys and I were organizing home videos. We found video of Jaylee and Kyle just before their second birthdays. We were at the Kirbys grilling steaks and playing with the kids. Sweet video.

Take care. Love the Blog.


Yolanda said...

I take that back - it was before their FIRST birthdays.