Like I was never gone

There was much to do before we left Paris.
Then to complicate matters Nolan decided to get pneumonia.
We like a bit more chaos in chaotic moments.
But the show had to go on.
Literally, the kids Christmas show.
 photo IMG_3589_zpsd258f1e8.jpg
Where we had to say good bye to the best school and friends.  Ever.
 photo IMG_3520_zps58410379.jpg
Then there was the matter of doing a few Paris "must" during Christmas.
The first was for the kids, the second was for the adults.
In five years I had not made the trip out to see it.  Now I can say I have.
 photo IMG_3490_zpsbe366348.jpg
This is the metro you will need to get there.  I had only seen it in children's books before, but I must say, it was a bit more exciting for me than the Moulin Rouge.  I know, I'm lame, but the 1,000+ Chinese tourists gathered in front of the Moulin Rouge kind of takes away from it.  That is not to say we didn't go home with an "adult" souvenir from one of the nearby shops.  GASP.  It's okay, we're married.
 photo IMG_3580_zps96bea443.jpg
Thank heavens other people did the packing for us!
Then reality set in and we really had to say good-bye.
I had to say good-bye to my neighbor, more tears, lots of tears.
 photo IMG_3595_zpsd6c34fe8.jpg
Without a doubt the best part of Paris was the relationships that we built.  The city can beat you up, but the people always make it worth it!
To make our transition back to the States a bit easier we headed to London for some downtime and to experience London at Christmas time.
 photo IMG_3599_zps32549e46.jpg
London did not disappoint, she was wet, but it did not stop us!
 photo IMG_3600_zps19d876a5.jpg
We spent our retirement at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.
 photo IMG_3602_zpsea86943d.jpg
 photo IMG_3613_zpse8c63a15.jpg
I got cool mom points for booking this.
 photo IMG_3623_zps0c0e5165.jpg
After the Ice Castle tour Pretty started asking how much this Winter Wonderland was costing us.
 photo IMG_3617_zps9a2c1bc7.jpg
Acceptance is key.
 photo IMG_3616_zps551bc850.jpg
Happy kids.  Don't be fooled, for every happy there is a downer, this is his recovery after the biggest melt down in the history of Aidan.  Let's just say it was a show stopper.
 photo IMG_3620_zps69dcaca1.jpg
On another note, I will never understand this ride.  Never.
The next day, we spent the other half our retirement.
DSC_0418-1_zps780e8fb9 photo DSC_0418-1_zps780e8fb9.jpg
 photo DSC_0422-1_zps758166fc.jpg
 photo DSC_0423_zpsfd143273.jpg
Want a good London tip.  Take the water taxi.
 photo IMG_3632_zpsbce4056d.jpg
Parents love it, kids love it and I should mention there is a bar on board, coffee for the morning ride over and wine for the ride home.
 photo IMG_3640_zpse46f617b.jpg
This is the tree at Trafalgar Square.  Meh, the Frenchy in me could have been more impressed.
 photo IMG_3638_zps12cfd97e.jpg
However, this did deliver.  Christmas Eve Crib service at Westminster Abbey.
 photo IMG_3636_zps8a22eabf.jpg
 photo IMG_3634_zpsfb19147c.jpg
The Santa arrived.  To a cupcake liner tree.
 photo IMG_3643_zpse0206536.jpg
No, I did not cook.  We went to the North Pole for Christmas lunch.
 photo IMG_3646_zps08f52f0b.jpg
 photo IMG_3647_zpsd6a46887.jpg
Aidan sweet talked the waiter into pasta with butter.  The rest of us had a traditional British Christmas lunch and it was great!  Just stay away from Christmas pudding, it is fruit cake, but worse.
 photo IMG_3648_zps0b2282ff.jpg
We had to do the phone booth photo.
 photo IMG_3653_zps19005493.jpg
Then it was time to head to the airport.
 photo IMG_3659_zpsed0e2852.jpg
Off we went.
 photo IMG_3668_zps43e0a4ba.jpg
But, of course there is always a cheers first!


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