Keeping it in the family

If you like brand new, you won't like this post.
This house has been in Brandon's family for a very long time.
It needs A LOT, MUCHO, A BUNCH of work.  Did I mention it needs work?
But we love it and we love the future we see for it.
Filled with people, eating, laughing, drinking and kids running around.  The kind of place that you don't want to leave when vacation is over.

PhotobucketHis grandfather was born in a building downtown above the family bakery.
It is an unbelievable cute little town with lots of character.
The townspeople are very friendly, not chic in the least bit, but some of the nicest people you will meet. Photobucket Where kids can still do this. Photobucket Last year I came home and they were selling beer, I kid you not, this year we stuck with Kool-Aid. They drank most of their stock. But it kept them busy, while others were hard at work. Photobucket My sister-in-law found us the nicest painter. EVER. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket These plants will turn shades of orange and red during the fall.Photobucket That door makes me all shades of happy. Photobucket The color looks so different during different times of the day.Photobucket I found hand made floating house numbers on a website. I was prepared to battle for them. Luckily I found them at Home Depot, for a fraction of the cost, so I didn't have to fight. We added uplighting in the front of the house to give it that little extra. I did have to fight for that. Photobucket This made me smile. Cheers


jaclyn said...

looooove the last pic! great!

Peggy Rice said...

Thanks! me too!!!!