I'm not even going to apologize for tardiness on posting.
Let's consider it the norm for a while.
On to the ramble, I've had two glasses of red and a bag of chips (plus pistachio yogurt, chocolate yogurt, chocolate square and a chocolate dipped oreo)
I hate store bought Valentine's for school exchange.
Call me a snob, I don't care.
Design Mom had great ideas and we happily used them.
Eat Drink Chic.  Very cute cup cozies, in French no doubt.
Valentine's Day Picnic with Nolan.
Bread in the shape of a heart.  Only France.  Great I might add.
Someone has a knight obsession and it's not me.
The French postal Gods hate me, but they love my cousin Laura, her cards arrive on the exact day of the event.  Amazing.
1.  Metro mornings
2.  New blue suede shoes
3.  Best part of the day
4.  My kind of camping
1.  Her handwriting is amazing
2.  Mad coloring skills
3.  Strong
4.  Baby LOVE
5.  SqeezeBox  on ALL the time
6.  Night Life chez Rice
7.  It's official, he can travel, fresh from the Prefecture de Police
8.  50 tulips, 10 Euros.  Sweet deal
9.  A little bad for the greater good



Jeremy said...

1. I admit I paused for a while to check out your legs in the background. Still hot. I'd be concerned about what Brandon would do with that info, but I can still kick his ass so it doesn't bother me too much.
2. Very impressed with the handwriting.
3. More impressed that you are still using the OG Caden Lane gear. Ours has survived two kids.

Peggy Rice said...

Jeremy you crack me up! He says you are delusional and he can still take you;-) I'll remain silent. Love me some Caden Lane!

DollHouse said...

I went to Doll House to by a Sherri Hill dress 1403 for the best price quoted $450 for my daughter. I was told that Doll House has a registry and that I would be the only one wearing this style dress at my formal. When I arrived at my formal, there were two 2 other girls wearing exactly the same style dress and they also got it from dollhouse I can’t begin to tell you how angry and sick that made me feels. I will not be taking my daughter there for her year 12 formal.