7 going on 18

Jaylee is about to turn 18, er I mean 8.
A peek into our lives with this little woman:

  1. "Mom, I have to move on".  Excuse me?  "I'm moving on from Hannah Montana, I'm going to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry".  I thought leaving the princess stage was bad.
  2. She is still very aware of time, so I was trying to lighten the mood around the house before leaving for school with some stories of what we were "going" to be doing in the near future.  "MOM, I'm in the present, NOT the future!"  Help me now.
  3. There is a lot of talk about evolution around here right now thanks to school.  I asked her thoughts on evolution versus creation.  She had this to say, "Maybe Jesus was a Monkey first".  My dead grandmother just did a somersault.
  4. Her take on diaper changing, "Oh, I'm not doing that,  my husband can do it".  What if he's at work?  "Then I'll get the NouNou to do it".  In France a NouNou is the nanny, we don't have one.


patty said...

Oh dear heavens how that child makes me laugh! I love her mind and spirit!

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

I thought we might have had a small earthquake here....glad to know it was all your dead relatives spinning in their graves ;-)

What a hoot!

Kerrie said...

She is a witty one that child. You two are so screwed

keralapscinfo said...