November in a nutshell

I knew life would change with three kids.
I now know why people with three young kids are never on facebook.
You do everything with one hand and after so many typo's it's just not worth the effort.
I'm not giving up this blog, because let's face it I don't have time to keep any baby/children books.
Thank heavens for Instagram or there may have been no photos taken this month.
Photobucket Bundle of cuteness. Photobucket I turned 37. There is something so wrong about having grey hairs, fine lines (I will not call them wrinkles around my eyes yet), and a newborn. Now add bags under the eyes as well. Photobucket My mom took us out to celebrate. Photobucket Starbucks invented candy in a cup and I'm hooked. Cranberry Mocha. YUM. Photobucket Someone became a USA citizen. Boo, to the American Embassy, for not allowing photos. Photobucket We celebrated Thanksgiving a few days late, complete with a kids table, a la Pinterest. Photobucket My family coined the new Cranberry sauce, "Cranberry Crack". Photobucket We carried on the tradition of having hot coco around the kids tiny tree, however, Memaw was here this time so that made it even better. Photobucket Party season has begun and someone just can't ever seem to stay awake afterwards. Photobucket I'm off to do the same. Cheers.


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

You look beautiful....37....in my book that makes you very young!

Thank you for the update...I have missed you terribly!

Thankful for you dear girl....and love to all.

Campbell's House said...

You look gorgeous! For some reason i couldn't quit looking at your hands in the pic of you holding Nolan... they remind me of Sandy.
Beautiful family! And in case you missed my bday wish on Facebook: Happy 37th! I love you!

Peggy Rice said...

Thank you ladies! It has been crazy;-) Renee it's funny you said my hands reminded you of Sandy, because that's about the only thing on Nolan that looks like me! I did get my birthday wish on facebook, thank you, I just couldn't do my one handed typed response;-) Soon, I think I will have it mastered.