So, I take a two week vacation and now you don't comment. Hmmm.
Lucky for you the computer and all my photos are at the Apple store for a week. In the meantime you get randomness.
1. Adjusting back to the city is not much fun. If it's true that God can read our thoughts, I'm in BIG trouble.
2. Why are city people so wierd? Is it them or does the city make them that way?
3. If you see a pregnant woman standing on the metro, get your lazy, self absorbed self out of the seat. Did their nanny's teach them no manners or are they that self in titled?
4. I'm nesting like crazy and can't stop baking. 100 days of real food. Go check it out. Aidan's not loving it, Jaylee is.
5. I watched a Nightline show where the woman has been pregnant for something like 22 years. She has 18 kids (plus a two miscarriages) yes they are friends of the Dugger family. I had to go to the bathroom 3 times last night. Every time I got up I thought about her. She is either a saint or she's insane? But I'm telling you, she looked happy and not crazy! Perhaps I'm just bitchy?

There, now go forth and answer a few of these questions, except for the one about me being bitchy.



Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

I'm commenting but....

I would have done so earlier if there had been photos!

All the best


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

She is insane....

Jeremy said...

It's entitled, not in titled. And you look very pretty pregnant.

Peggy Rice said...

Keith- I swear one day I'm going to film our daily metro and bus trips!
Carol, I'm pretty sure she has a bladder and uterus of steel to go along with that insanity.
Jeremy- Merci, it looked funny to me, but since it auto corrected me I assumed it was right, plus I suck at grammar;).

Michelle said...

Haven't got to read your blog in forever! You look great and I miss you! I'm assuming that you've insisted that you will be naming this baby...not Coco...hope you are feeling well. The kids are beautiful!

The Carroll Family said...

I'm commenting!
I love your blog. Keep writing.
The city...
I keep telling myself, all will return to normal on Monday when the kids start school.
Or I will return to normal?

Yes, that lifestyle of baby-making would make me insane but to each his own. Some people love being pregant. Not so much me.

Glad you are back in town.

Campbell's House said...

You say bitchy like it is a bad thing...?
What is the name of that little bump by the way?

indonesiatooverseas said...

The city people so wierd because they have no enaugh time to talking each other by heart