Trivia game

My new neighbors lead tours around Paris for different types of groups and team building experiences. My girlfriend and I got to be their "testers" this past Sunday.
A great way to spend Mother's Day! We took art and architecture quizzes along the way and teamed up to play the above game.
(I was trying to focus on the ball, but missed it. Pregnancy belly does not help in getting close to the ground for photos!)
Anyone know the name of the game?
I visited this place for the first time too.
Who knows what it's called?


Cari said...

Either a petanque or boules ball? I'd like to take full credit if it's correct, but I will be honest and say it was my husband.

Sara said...

I believe it's petanque! We saw the game being played in Villefranche while on our honeymoon. In fact, Ben actually bought a set in Nice. Very cool!

Peggy Rice said...

Pentanque is right!!! I loved it!! How about the structure? I'll give u a hint it is surrounded by jewelry shops.

Cari said...

I'm a loser. I don't know but I want to know and visit there!
Are the jewelry shops like Sam Moons??

Cari said...

Ok, I have the answer.... (I think) this time, it's all ME!

Vendôme, the Mecca of jewellers and Haute Couture boutiques???

Peggy Rice said...

Cari, you are correct!!! I think I need a little bauble from there;)

Krishna Bahadur Ranabhat said...

what is this and where is it ?

ajbarnett said...

First off - great shot. I love the photo. Second - We played petanque recently at a friend's party - great fun. You should try it.