Escaliation, really means nothing

Guess what, no phone, no tv, no internet.
No call, no contact from Orange.
Dear Orange,
YOU SUCK and tomorrow my friendly French neighbor is calling you to tell you so and then I'm dropping you
I feel better now.
Off the top of my head:
  • We got crazy cool French neighbors yet again and I have no idea how, but I'm really thankful. However, my new property manager and I will go head to head. He wrote me a letter on the proper way to address him when writing him. How about I start with: Dear Schmuck, you realize you are a property manager and not an owner right? That means you are a frustrated 72 year old man that is a lackey for someone else and you should have retired long ago!
  • I flipped an elderly man off in the store the other day and was proud of myself. I'm not sure where this woman, Sophie Meunier, did her research on the French/American relations thanks to The DSK Scandal, but it was not in Paris!
  • I'm drinking sweet tea like it's water.
  • I've discovered vegetarian sushi filled with avocado, cucumbers, mint and rice. Yum.
  • We have one more month of school and I'm ready for it be finished, so we can sleep in and be lazy.
  • I have yet to plan a summer vacation and it's driving my husband crazy.
  • In the next month the kids have 5 birthday parties to attend. I need a new budget, there is no Target in Paris. Also, this means their social calendar has officially trumped mine.
  • Brandon and I have decided that we will be "real" adults when we buy furniture that comes assembled. He may have IKEA carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • I very well may be addicted to Angry Birds.
  • Let's add cherries and watermelon to the list of addiction as well.

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