Happy Things

If you've ever visited a French post office it just may send you into a spiraling bad mood.
Yesterday I visited one post office to weigh my item and purchase the correct envelope. The postal worker happily did it, told what I needed and then told me I had to come back tomorrow to buy it, because her computer was down. I swear they just got a computer system last year and they still have the spiral notebook next to the screen.
Next PostOffice I visit the lady behind the counter sells me the envelope, but then directs me to the "Do it yourself" postage machine to buy the stamp and then return to her for the "certified letter" part.
So what that means is:
I buy the envelope, go to a machine buy a stamp that she could have easily sold me, return to her and another line to pay for "recommonde" , where she now places my stamp on the envelope, along with the "recommonde" paperwork and puts it under the counter.
I don't believe the word "efficient" is in the French dictionary.
If you've never received a package from me, this is why.
So, not to end on a bad note, here is the "Happiest Wall in the house" according to Jaylee,
Because when you live in a city one should come home to a "Happy Wall".


Kerrie said...

Love the happy wall. I need one of those instead of a happy fridge. One thing leads to another you know......

Peggy Rice said...

He,he, you have a happy wall at Christmas with your cards;-)

Carol Wexell Wayne said...

Everyone needs a happy wall...love yours!

Mary said...

All my walls are happy....they have been re-done & look great, thanks to Patty.
One wall is really Happy - it has grandkid pics.