Dangerously Easy

I have blog block.
Today is the first day of Spring and I have no flowers in the house. I will fix that tomorrow!
Have you ever experienced something so good you thought there must be something wrong with it?
We got Apple TV.
The funny part, we went to the Apple store in the Louvre to buy it. How about some of the worlds oldest art and artifacts under one roof and we bypass them all and head to the Apple store. Want to hear the funniest part? As we are headed to Apple the kids and I drop in one of the bookstores and within seconds Aidan is holding his pants saying, "I have to go, I have to go...now..." Clean up on isle 4 please! Like any good mother, I grabbed him and his sister and fled the scene of the crime. Not many kids can say they have peered on the Louvre. Take that Ozzy!
Back to my point.
Apple TV streams purchases from iTunes in mere seconds.
Mr. Rice is already concerned with my complete lack of guilt over my iTunes bill.
This purchase will not help.
I can download Disney episodes for .99 in seconds.
I predict more concern from Mr. Rice in the near future.

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Kerrie said...

Hey I saw him making some ipod purchases when he was here. And he did buy it. His own fault. Thinking we may need one too though