Say Cheese

It's official, we are getting our family photo taken with Blue Lily Photo!
I LOVE family photos.
The day of the photo always seems to kick my ass, but when it's done, I'm sooo glad we did it. I love looking at how far Brandon and I have come from when we first met in 1995.
Ours will be done in the evening, in the countryside of France. I can't wait!!!!
I really wanted Paris and I envisioned buses, metro, cross walks, me flipping the elderly off, you know the usual, but Jaylee's Pony Camp was rescheduled so you won't see me flipping the bird to any of the elderly Frenchies this year on the Christmas card.
Maybe next year.
Now the planning begins, clothes for the entire family. The only thing I know for certain is that I'm thinking about wearing heels.
Last week she asked me:
"Were you chic back in the days?"
Excuse me?
"Were you chic?"
What are you talking about, am I not chic now?
Thanks. Why do want to know if I was chic...in the days?
"Because I saw your high heels in the closet".
There is so much wrong with this conversation I don't even know where to start! First off, she assumes "my day" has been had. That is a bit depressing. Second, just because I don't wear heels and red lipstick on a daily basis I'm not chic! I gave up the standard American Track suit when I moved here for crying out loud!!!
So, like it or not, her "pas chic" mother is going to take a picture with her;-)
Just to make myself feel better, this mom makes good Valentine breakfast and I'm crafty.
No, I did not come up with those Valentine's myself. Like a good little blog stalker, I found them here. Jaylee's, can be found here. The kids coming out of school with mustaches and lips was priceless!


Carol Wexell Wayne said...

tu es tres tres chic....n'ecoute pas les enfantes!

Love ya,


Peggy Rice said...

Merci Carol!

Carolynne said...

I seriously LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! and all your pictures and everything you do with the kids(: Your like the "perfect blogging mom!" (:

Peggy Rice said...

Well, thank you Carolynne! My husband would like me to mention I'm not fabulous at laundry;-)