Turkeys in Paris

Turns out there are full turkeys in Paris complete with skin!
I wish I could show you, but I had a helper all day and I must say by the time we were ready to eat I forgot to take a picture of the turkey!
I am happy to report that there were no tears or curse words when preparing the gravy this year! Brandon got everyone out of the kitchen and told me to take a few deep breaths. There you have it, guess I just need peace to prepare gravy.
I also learned a few more things about myself while preparing Thanksgiving.
  • I get grumpy, but I love to cook, but kids circling my legs turns me grumpy.
  • Cousins are an essential part of Thanksgiving because they keep the children entertained and out of the kitchen.
  • 8 minutes seems like an eternity when you are whisking and your son announces that he needs help wiping, he is not patient and I was not about to let my mac and cheese rue burn.
  • I started with 8 matching glasses and I'm down to 5, how does that happen?
  • I have high hopes of making a Thanksgiving/Christmas cookbook of the recipes that I use every year. Let's see how my follow up goes.

I made an apple pie for the first time and it was oddly easy, thanks to fabulous French prepared pie crust.
I do believe that the kids table is always the most fun to decorate.
Jaylee had two servings of "rooster". She kept calling it rooster all day. I have no explanation.
These two guys carved the rooster.
We invited some friends that we haven't seen in almost 2 years, they attended university in the States, she is French and he is from New Zealand, so it was fun to celebrate Thanksgiving in Paris with people who like cornbread stuffing!
I have to admit this was my second Thanksgiving meal in two days. Brandon stayed home with a sick Aidan while Jaylee and I feasted across the river.
It could possibly the most laughing I have done in Paris since arriving.
At one point I learn one of the ladies is a gynecologist and then I say that I was an esthetician in the States. Let the stories begin! She said, "I've seen your work!!!!" To which I returned a high five across the table. I'm all class.


Carol said...

You are very classy...I always wondered what gynocologists and estheticians talk about when they have Thanksgiving dinner!

Sorry about spelling errors!

Love you,


I would love that cookbook...I wimped out on the gravy....I did add a few homemade touches to the stuff I bought at Sprouts!

patty said...

Can't believe you found a whole bird! Did you have to sell the farm for it? :)

Looking forward to seeing you soonish my friend. Love ya lots!