That really good chicken

Walking home from school today, Jaylee says, "I smell that really good chicken smell (from a restaurant) are you going to make that soon?"
She means Turkey.
I'm not gonna lie, I make a mean turkey.
You know who I use, let's say it all together...Martha.
She rocks, I like her even more because she went to jail, gives her an edge I say.
So, if you want to make a really good chicken try, Turkey 101.
I've been doing it since college, back when my dear Martha left out crucial steps to the gravy making process in the magazine and on the internet.
Let me be very honest here, I have only really NOT screwed up the gravy once. That means that only one time in my turkey years has the gravy gone smoothly. Gravy is hard and then everyone is impatient for the meal and I get nervous and skip a step or two and then it all goes down hill.
But, now she's so cool, she has step by step videos and such, so really there is no excuse for a bad bird or gravy, I'm pretty sure even my mother could do it. Sorry mom, I had to do it, the bus just ran you over again. In my mom's defense she is the one who steps in and saves the gravy every year.
Was it just my family or did your family mix the stuffing in a very large plastic garbage bag too?
I don't think Martha would approve.


Mary said...

Yes, you do make a meanbird. As to mixing dressing in plastic bag....just makes sense & takes up less space in refrigerator. Ask Martha, I'm sure she will start using this little trick herself. At least you didn't throw me under the whole bus - just the special needs.
Happy Thanksgiving - will miss your very tasting meal, your smiles, hugs & love.

Carol said...

Gravy....gravy and pie crust ....never got the hang of it...but they sell some pretty good stuff at Whole Foods!

Happy Jour de Grace...


Peggy Rice said...

Mom I LOVE YOU! It was the small bus;-) Who is going to save my gravy this year?
Carol, they do make some amazing pie crusts here, however, I may be kicked out of the country if I ask for gravy in a package!
By the way I just used my new found "its" lesson:-)