Who knew?

I was looking at pictures of my sisters and I at the table today and Miss J, had many questions.
"How many times has your mom been to the hospital?"
Not, many she is pretty healthy.
"How many times has she gone to the hospital to have a baby?"
"Oh, so you are like triplets?"
Yes, I tried to explain that we do not exactly share the same mother, but we are sisters all the same.
She was not buying it.
"Mema, went to the hospital once, so you are triplets."
As for her math, well, we are working on it.



Mary said...

God was very good picking out your sisters....and I thank him.

Jon Van said...

Now if its a blessing for all you girls to have your sisterhood clan, what is it for the only dude whose the brother in the mix?

Hehe. I love you guys :)

Peggy Rice said...

You're the brother, the one and only, that makes you even more special!!! Love you too.