Trust me

Musee de l'Orangerie has been described as a religious experience by some who have visited.
I had a religious experience, just not of a heavenly sort, I got my ass handed to me by a four
year old, I prayed alright, just prayers that I hope HE forgets and takes pity on me at the pearly gates.Trust me, he was well fed, well rested and he was not sick, he is just four and when the musee police are on you like white on RICE, you go south very, very quickly. Merci, to the childless musee police who got dressed without a mirror this morning for yelling at him, in a silent room, for walking faster than a snail, you really set the mood. As for Frenchy, she could not be bothered.
She was busy on her audio tour.
If you find yourself in Paris with a four year old, do yourself a favor and just visit the Tuileries.
The MoMA has a much more kid friendly approach and won't cost you your sanity or a trip to the gift store.



Brandon said...

Great Pictures!! Did she listen in French or English?

Carol said...

We took Ryan to the Dallas Museum of Art when he was in a stroller...out of the corner of my eye I saw a guard RUNNING toward me...I looked down and there was Ryan patting the Renior with his cute, and thankfully clean hands!

We were not escorted out, but we were sternly talked to.

C'est la vie!

Mary said...

Field trips...sometimes good, sometimes not so good.
However, it looks like they still had a great time.
You? not so much? Makes for a great story over dinner.

Peggy Rice said...

She decided on English.
Carol, that poor guard was beside herself with Aidan, I'm sure we were the topic of her coffee break;-)
Mom, after that day, dinner was a frozen meal ate on the couch after they went to bed in complete silence...with a side tears when Brandon came home! He is now on holiday with us, so all is better.

Mary said...

Tears can certainly make the heart feel better. Let it RAIN!!!

Sari said...

Love it! Why do people talk so much about terrible twos? 3's and 4's are a trip!!!! Luckily you're surrounded by great vineyards. Drink up buttercup!