I cried twice before noon today.
Aidan cried all the way to school today. Crying, screaming, holding on to the rail refusing to go up the stairs of the metro.
He didn't let up on the metro either. Let me tell you, people were loving me this morning.
He was still crying at school and had to be taken from arms.
Note to school staff: Remember that if you have contact with small children, dressing as Dracula with fangs is most likely not the best idea. Just a thought.
By the time I walked out of the school I was crying too.
It's his birthday today.
I had a coffee and settled myself down.
Then I make the mistake of trying to get the dryer fixed.
I explain to the employee my French on the phone is not so good and could he place the service call for me. He says, NO your French is fine and hands me the phone.
They hung up on me as I started to recite my phone number.
I hand the guy the receiver.
He dials again and hands me the phone.
I start to talk and they hang up.
I gather my paper work and walk outside to call Brandon in tears.
Said employee is unloading a truck outside and sees me crying and asks me to come back inside.
I would rather scream than cry, but sometimes crying just feels better.
I had a bowl of popcorn for lunch and watched mindless television, just because I can.
Brandon came and helped me with school pick up today and my girlfriend and I had a champagne toast (well she had tea, I had champagne) while the girls where in ballet. I'm pretty certain a champagne toast on their birthdays will be my new tradition.
*NO there will be no sappy happy birthday post today for Aidan. I'm just proud of myself for making it through today, I will attempt the obligatory "what you were like when you were Four post" on another day when I have had some space between this day!! Just know that you are cute, I let you get away with murder and you are very loved even if your grandparents don't comment on your birthday post;-)


Mary said...

Good to hear you did not want to spend it on metro or at school & you let everyone know it.
Could have cut your Mom some slack after the fantastic party, however you're only four.
Love & Kisses to the little man.

Carol said...

Oh Peggy...I am sorry French repairpeople are such bastards...if it is any consolation they are just like that in New York too....I have had them use my new kitchen towels to wipe the grease off their tools...smelly and nasty and they act like they are doing you a huge favor. One reason I left NYC!

Kiss my little boy for me and tell him Happy Birthday!

It will be better tomorrow.

Love Love Love and Hugs,


Campbell's House said...

Love you so much!
And, I think I'll join you in the champagne tradition!

It's a good thing he is so adorable!! Little stinker.

patty said...

Ahhh, you need a galleta and a cafecito. Sorry i wasn't there for you. If I move to London, I promise to come down and help you if you are having one of those weeks....of course by help I do mean by cleaning, doing your laundry and what not while I have you sit on the couch and have an endlessly full glass of bubbly by your side