Halloween Party in Paris

I love kids parties.
I love the excitement that they have when they walk in the door and see it.
Yes, they are a ton of work and half way through I always question why I didn't just invite three kids and call it done. Yes, there is always THAT kid, but when you see the happiness on your little ones face, it makes it all worth it.
So, Saturday, high above the city of Paris we had a party for Aidan.
My girlfriend has a studio on the 22nd floor with an amazing view that she let me use.

I made Aidan an egg free cake and he loved it. I used THIS recipe from Martha and substituted eggs with flax seed powder, crazy how good it turned out.
I used her carmel chocolate apple recipe and I'm not sure if it was me, Martha or the fact that I made them at 2:00am, but let's just say I've had better.
Can you really go wrong with halloween Oreos, no Martha there, Target USA all the way!
There was squash bowling again this year and yes we will be have soup parties again to lay these guys to rest. So if you have any good butternut squash or spaghetti squash recipes send them my way.
There was pin the face on the pumpkin and yes Aidan has the cutest friends I have ever seen!

Our special guest this year was Matt Black, who sang and entertained all the little Goblins!

Tomorrow I will show you what happens to the laundry when you prepare for a party like this!


Brenna said...

Aidan has an October b-day too?!!! I guess cute boys are born in October: Derek's the 13th and Nevada's the 15th. We went rock-climbing (indoors, at a gym) for Derek's 16th (yes, he's 16, it sucks...full-blown teenager, but a sweet, smart and funny one though). Hope all is well and protests aren't making life impossible right now. Besos!

Brandon said...

Mrs. Rice you did another amazing job! One day the kids will appreciate what a good mother you are!!
Love you

Peggy Rice said...

Brenna, he is in good company! Thank you Mr. Rice.

Mary said...

WOW - You could replace Martha in a heartbeat!! You truly took it up several notches with this one.....IMPRESSIVE!!!!
The smile on his face & shine in his eyes tells the whole story.
Ya did GOOD Sunshine

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Well you serve up a good party bar none Sister. I only wish I could be there to attend. Much better than my pool parties or McDonalds ones, Tres creative. I wish I could have spoke to Aiden today but it was 3 when I remembered to call. Bad Auntie Kerrie, so sorry. tell him we love and miss him and wish him a Happy Fourth Birthday

Campbell's House said...

Halloween baby boys ROCK!! I am so proud of your French Halloween party skills. I took the easy route this year and went with the UT Football theme. As you will see shortly, the smallest Codina doesn't give a shit for his costume... stay tuned!