And she's off!
Her brother starts in the morning.
I wish I could say I was weepy and it saddens me that they are growing so fast.
But I'm not.
Two years ago, I was devastated and sobbing after dropping each of them off.
We didn't know the language, the culture, you name it, we didn't know it.
This year Jaylee summed it up just right:
"You know when you're excited, but at the same time your throat hurts?"
I would say that about sums it up.
Tomorrow I just may drop them both off and sit on a park bench in silence, complete silence.
But then I'm going to go home and scrub the toilet, do the laundry and grocery shop.


Mary said...

She looks adorable!!!
You and the little darlings have really accomplished soooo much - kuddos all around.

Yo said...

Sometimes you wanna laugh and cry at the same time. Love You, Friend.