When we were in the States, that feeling of nervousness was gone from my chest.
Once we hit Paris it was back.
I have know idea why I let this city get the best of me from time to time.
The problem is after we return I am very aware of the feeling, so this time I decided to take a mental day and just take it all in.
This chair looked like the perfect place to figure it all out.
There are no parks like this in the States, so I found peace in chips and queso there, here I decided to save myself another pants size and take in the scenery.
This is not a bad way to deal with anxiety.
I had a million conversations in my head...what I want for our kids, us, I should be cleaning the house instead of sitting in a park, what I love about the States, what I love about here, if all of Paris was as friendly as the employees at the Apple store I would stay forever, you know everything a woman thinks about when she is alone.
The conclusion?
There was none, just that it was an amazing sunny day here in Paris and sometimes I just need to be reminded of how good we have it and that I better get my butt up and pick these guys up from school.
I was feeling all warm and fuzzy about Paris and their first days of school and asked Aidan to join in the photo session, he had a different idea


gg said...

HILARIOUS!!! he must have learned that in the states. i'm sure parisians don't do that.

Carol said...

Thats impressive!

Jeremy said...

That Aiden kid is alright in my book.

Becky said...

Aww..European urinating on the side of the roads. I had put that memory far behind me. Thanks for the laugh!!

Jonathan said...

Is that legal? LOL.......