Ready for Dessert?

Warning, there is a video today, but it won't make you cry this time, but I warn you now, you may want dessert.
When you move to Paris, whether or not you stayed up late just to watch Martha Stewart reruns in college (guilty as charged), the itch to cook and bake will get you.
Perhaps it's the cold and rain or the abundance of fresh ingredients, I did not say cheap, but they are abundant, whatever it is, when you move to Paris, you want to cook.
So, what to do when you are looking for a certain ingredient, say chocolate chips and you don't feel like giving your right arm for them? You go to David Lebovitz blog for answers and inspiration.
Since I visit the blog often I found out he would be signing books in Paris and Jaylee would be at a birthday, so I had time to go!
This is an unbelievably great little bookshop in the 11th district of Paris.
Of course it was filled to capacity and I almost talked myself out of going in, but I decided you only live in Paris once and so I walked in. Of course there were all the usual suspects, the "expat bookies" talking about themselves and dropping every name they could think of and this time just some regular Parisians as well. No, I'm not a book signing expert, this is only my second, but you can spot the "expat bookie" immediately. For starters they have ditched every stitch of makeup and let their hair go native. There are generally some tourist as well, which you can pick off very quickly by the shoes, but the "expat bookie" still wins the most obnoxious award for running their mouth the entire time about themselves and the continuous name dropping dribble that runs from their mouth.
I knew I liked David before from his blog, but when I met him he noted immediately that I was still wearing sandals and nonetheless, carrying an umbrella. It is good to know that I'm not the only one who "sizes" people up in Paris! Oh, but I'm not that cool, after talking to him, I stuck my hand out to shake his hand and with hesitation he shook it. The American in me just jumped out! Trust me, you live in Paris long enough and ride the metro you will become a germ freak as well. Just think if every person in there wanted to shake his hand. It makes me cringe a little. Sorry David, I swear I don't have the "gastro" or plague at the current moment (you can barely see him through the window, I figured I shouldn't push my luck and ask for a photo too).

I did however, go explore the neighborhood a bit and I loved it!
I will save that for tomorrow, but for now I leave you with this yummy little treat.



patty said...

That makes me want to bake!!! I must go out and buy a fire extinguisher first....you know what my baking is like :)

Carol said...

YUMMY! And that baby is adorable!

ehh...c'est vrai...les pedestrian n'exist pas en Paris??? Oh la la la.....

Peggy Rice said...

Patty, just stick to the baking, not the rice!
Carol, c'est vrai et triste, Aidan has had a few close calls which ended in me screaming at drivers.

David said...

It was nice to meet! I'm just always surprised that people want to meet (and shake hands..) in the first place. I've gotten used to it, living in France, but because it's usually done when being more formally introduced, I always feel goofy doing it when meeting people informally. Thanks for coming to the event! : )