Being better

I know most people set New Years Resolutions in January, but here at our house we are doing it in September, in France otherwise known as Rentree.
I think it goes hand in hand with coming off of two months of vacation.
Something about two months gives you a bit of time to really think about things, or drink and eat so much that you don't recognize yourself or fit into your pants.
Which brings us to resolution number 1
Diet, no it's not easy when I see a bakery on every corner, but I'm making myself do it.
You know what else got axed from our diets?
Uh, it sucks, but oddly we feel better and our faces are somehow thinner in just four days.
Will this one last forever, no, but we will definitely be sticking to it for 40 days.
If Moses could stay on the boat that long so can we!
Oddly enough it seems without the red flowing around here Mr. Rice can actually bath children and help clean up after dinner.
If this kind of bliss keeps up we just may become teetotalers!
In addition to all of this, over the summer I decided that I was going to be a better wife. I thought I would start simple, like reply to emails when he asks me to do things for him.
Baby steps people, baby steps.
But then I saw this video and it's all the motivation that I needed. I particularly love the part where they are discussing who will walk her down the isle and they decided he would walk her down the isle. If you know us well you know that Brandon and I eloped. Trust me, the thought of putting two sets of divorced parents under the same roof you would run for the hills too! We took it one step further and ran for the mountains, literally we climbed to edge of Lake Tahoe and tied the knot there.
So, Mr. Rice here's to never going back to Black and White and me promising to answer emails and perhaps offering you more ice cream in the evenings when we aren't on a diet.

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Mary said...

You put a lump in my throat - here's to you & Brandon and a life full of color !!!

Brandon said...

This is why I love you!! But I am not becoming a teetotaler!

Carol said...

Please put a waterproof mascara warning on your posts...not good to look like a raccoon at school...You don't have to become teetotalers...just more moderate..it is amazing how much energy alcohol sucks up.

Love to you all,