Where the hell are the Goorjian's?

Today we were at the western most point in Europe.
There is a beautiful lighthouse that overlooks it all.A cross to let you know it is blessedMy Derriere, might have helped guide home a ship or two, since the wind was so very strong and I decided to wear granny panties and a dress.My sister and her family where so giddy about being at the most western point of Europe, they burst into dance.They were inspired by this guy:

Can anyone guess "Where the hell the Goorjian's are?"


Keith Eckstein said...

Looks like the lighthouse at Cabo da Roca in Portugal?

Your derriere has become a topic of conversation amongst the sailors plying their trade along the Atlantic coast!

Have a great holiday (and choose Brittany, next time!)

All the best


Peggy Rice said...

Keith you are right!!!! If we choose Brittany next time, I'm hoping you will be our guide;-)

Keith Eckstein said...

If you do choose Brittany I'd be more than happy to show you the best spots to expose your bottie!

All the best


Ksam said...

Funny, it also looks very similar to la Pointe du Raz - the western most point in France! (in Bretagne)

Carol said...