Let's add Nun's to the list

A Nun tried to cut in line today.
She tried to cut between the kids and I, at the prefecture (the place where you get your "green card", apparently Nuns don't get a free pass into France).
She didn't say excuse me, pardon, give a little smile, nothing, she tried to push her little, grey haired, Habit wearing self between my kids and I. She apparently didn't get the memo that I'm not fond of the elderly and their rude ways.
I blocked her not once, but twice and then threw in a dirty look for good measure.
Oddly enough, I feel no remorse, none.
Paris has completely knocked the nice out of me.


Becky said...

Peggy, I laughed out loud. I needed that.

Carol said...

She probably wasnt even a real nun...she just keeps the outfit for when she has to stand in line!

Good for you!

Mary said...

Nice-smice.....take her out. Next time use your boney elbow.