Il fait chaud

It's hot! I'm not complaining, just stating the facts. The cold, dreary, grey, rainy days of Paris will return all to soon. Why go out in the heat you ask. Ah, yes, no central A/C, so actually, it feels better to get really hot and then you are more thankful for that hot box of an apartment when you return.
Here is a little journey on how to spend an hour and a half and 20 Euros while at the Champs de Mars (park at the base of tower).
Aidan calls this the "race cars".
We are becoming regulars.Photobucket
Water break. Yes, we drink bottled water and we like it! We are especially fond of Toy Story on the label right now, makes them drink even more.
We couldn't leave out the swings that you must pay to swing on. They give you an hour glass to keep your time. Still makes me giggle.
Just call me a camp counselor.
Nope, we are not done yet.
Jaylee is trying to figure out why she agreed to this punishment. I think he knew she would get sick, so he generously took the rest of her tokens off her hands.
What riders remorse looks like.Photobucket
Home we go.Photobucket
He prepared watermelon for all of us.
Wish us luck, tomorrow it will be 91!


Jeremy said...

Great pictures of the chitlins. I can't believe how grown up Aiden looks now.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Those kids look hot! Summer finally decided to show up here, it was 97 yeaterday and a week ago it was67. WTH. We are planning a Silverwood Day with Jody and Chase when you are here, taking the kids camping and a bunch of other stuff. Cant wait to see you all and I hope you have a wonderful time in Portugal. Love to you all

Sari said...

Sounds like a fun summer time! Btw, let me know when you guys need another baby fix....Luke's only 7 months old - would love to share him for the day in exchange for a trip to Paris.

Mary said...

These are great pics of the kids. You and the camera have become one!