Show stopper

We have one more day of school left.
One more day of bus 42 and 82 for the next 2 months.
I love and hate bus 42.
A quick story on why I hate it from time to time.
Yesterday Aidan was throwing a fit and ended up on the floor for a minute. In that moment that he was on the floor, some Frenchy decided she was going to take his seat and the seat next to him by sliding into his seat and then turning her pompous ass sideways and putting her feet in the empty seat!
In French, I told her that was his seat, she gave me a crap look and without thinking, I picked a screaming boy up off the floor and placed him on her legs.
The story gets worse, but Brandon says I get crazy eye when I tell it, so I will stop there.
Let's just say, I'm ready for a 42 break.
So when moments like this happen, I smile and the world is right and it is all worth it. This is Aidan and his two friends opening the school show with the magician.
Okay, I've tried video two times now and it's not working and I've had far too much red wine to figure it out. So tomorrow I will load Aidan and Jaylee.Cheers!


jaclyn said...

OMG! Is it sad that I am less worried about your "crazy eye" and want to hear the rest of the story???? O you know i love ya!

Mary said...

I hope he gave her a whack or kick.
He looks so focused - love the top hat!
I think you should tell the rest of story in video so we can see the crazy eye.

Peggy Rice said...

Ladies, you are cracking me up, the crazy eye is not pretty and it scares Pretty;-)

Mary said...

Ahh - that would be great. You doing the crazy eye and Brandon being scared.....Video Both!!

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

OHHH, I really want the whole story!!