Camp: The Beginning

I survived the tent!
I don't want to be one of those Facebook people that downloads 150 pictures, so we are going to break this up into a series.
Let's call this the Beginning.
Mr. Rice purchased a tent for the occasion (apparently he thinks we are going again?)


Who knew it was so easy?

However, we don't take ourselves that seriously

It is France after all.


Brenna said...

Look at their happy- smiley faces...makes the whole ordeal worth it! My cousin did mention the toss-up tent on our day out in Paris, I had no idea he was seriously considering it- nice and easy- pretty smart!

Kerrie said...

Camping Rice fashion. Love the take out pizza. I am impressed by the tent. That is cool. Jaylee is looking more like you everyday Peg. Counting down the days to August Rices, I may have to make you bring me one of those tents.

Carol said...

I have always thought that camping is a wonderful activity for daddys and their children...giving mom a peaceful weekend at home to prepare for the onslaught of laundry that inevitably accompanies camping!

love you


Peggy Rice said...

Carol, takes the win!!!! I have been doing laundry with no end in sight all day.

Carol said...

Me and my Maytag...BFF!