yes please and YUM

We went to the store and I'm ready for a bake off.
Check out this new site.
LOVE it.
I bought fresh strawberries and blueberries today in honor of this new site.
(I can't stand the little hard "seeds" in raspberries, I blame my mother, we have quirks)
When my produce man saw that I had items piled on top of my berries, he could not take it.
He took my berries out and said they would be at the front for me when I was finished.
Now that is some love in Paris.


Jeremy said...

Mother of God! I'll take #6 and #19 please!

patty said...

Mmmmmmmm!!!!! If only we could find all those ingredients in France!

Campbell's House said...

Why why why???????

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

I made them tonight, with the rasberries and I just have to say DELISH!