cooking up a few things

My version is complete.
I couldn't handle anymore straight lines so I had to go a little crazy with the LOVE.
Painting after putting kids to bed and listening to music, proves to be very therapeutic, I see more projects in my future.
Kids painting with real oil based paints, not so therapeutic for me, but fun for them.
When I told Jaylee to put on old dirty clothes, she said, "I don't have any".
City kid.
Doing a bit of light reading.
They tasted as good as they looked.
I swapped strawberries for raspberries and marscapone cheese frosting for cream cheese frosting.
A little bite of heaven.


gg said...

i love the painting. what did you use to paint on?
jamie and i have found our new favorite place. it's called "sips n' strokes". you can bring your own "drink" of choice and you get to sit and paint WHILE drinking. they provide the paint, brushes, canvas, etc. it's funny to see how the painting changes as you end the session. :)

Carol said...

I WANT a cupcake...I also want that book...though this morning, my has gone fishing...you know what they say...give a man a fish and you feed him for a day...teach a man to fish and you get rid of him for the weekend (or sunday morning) now and again :-)

Jaylee sounds like my Mom...she didn't have old clothes...just clothes that were waiting to come into fashion again!

Love ya

patty said...

Can I borrow your clever little book when you are done reading it?!!!! .......says the wife who picked up the mattress, put it in the truck, drove the mattress home, put it in the bedroom, sold the old car, looked for a new one, fixed the leaky shower, fixed the dvd player, put the furniture together, changed out all the door hardware, did the child's homework, made dinner, made the bed, cleaned the dogs, delivered the dry cleaning, deposited the checks, found the scissors, found his keys, found his cell phone, found the number to dial all while he got a MASSAGE!!!!!!