My hands did it

At yoga yesterday I overheard the instructor explain her sudden departure from an event she was attending with her friend, a fellow "yogi". Apparently, my fellow yogi turned and she was just gone.
Fellow yogi: "what happened to you last night?"
Instructor: "my feet walked me to the metro. I am trying to listen to my body more and my feet wanted to go home."

So today, I was on the internet and I found this site.
I'm green, I decided its high time to be chic and organized about it.
Something for the man of the house (It's a sad replacement for his old one, but come on it's Paris).
My body told me I need it.I feel a tea party coming on.
I didn't push purchase on this one, but I feel a Peggy knock off coming soon...

Sorry Renee and Kerrie, more stuff you never knew you wanted, but suddenly you can't imagine your life without!

Dear Brandon,
My body walked to my purse and picked up my wallet and from there my hands just walked across the keyboard. I blame it on my hands, they did the walking. I'm trying to listen to my body more.



Campbell's House said...

You know me too well! Before I even got down to the text, I saw the Love pictures and thought "i, simply must have those!"
Love ya tons!

And for the record, blame it on whatever body part you have to... men have been doing it for eons!

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

You have the couch silly, oh wait were you talking about the picture? Guess what I got today... Mac for Dummies. Do you want me to send that as well???? I am on my way to shop first thing in the am so call on cell if you need to add it. Love you sweety and are those THE pants that Miss Jay is wearing, the dreaded load pants,I can't tell I can't see her booty.

Mary said...

Yes, one must listen to their body, especially when it comes to shopping or drinking. That will look great over your couch.

Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...