dressed and fed

While we waited to cross the street today after school an old French lady clad in polyester was looking at the kids with a bit of disgust and talking with hand gestures to her polyester, blue haired friend.
The kids were doing nothing, but holding hands waiting for the light to cross.
Out of curiosity I asked our friends babysitter, who by the way is French and the kids she watches are French as well, but when the kids are together they all speak English...details...(I blame this post on Benadryl) anyway, she laughs and says,
"Our kids need to be dressed and fed".
Okay, Jaylee had sport today, so she is not in her usual, but she is still sporting pink trainers and headband. Does the child look underfed? NO! As for Aidan, come on, how many more clothes do you want on the child? Time to tell you it was almost 70 degrees and not a cloud in the sky.
Let me tell you this city has changed my view on the elderly. Don't be fooled, by and large they are assholes. You can say all you want, but I'm telling you, unless they give you a smile and a wink, just assume they are assholes. Word to the wise, the cold has kept them inside, but now that the sun is out, they are too.
Of course there are exceptions and my exception came by this afternoon,
We LOVE mimi and Herve!
They are the exception to my rule.
Mimi brought by the Hediard chocolate egg Jaylee is holding.
French chocolate will change your life.
When the kids go to bed, I eat small pieces of it sandwiched between pretzels.
A little taste of heaven, to wash away mean old ladies on the street.
The glass of Brouilly (just found this link, it's French Word a Days husband! When I met him his fingers where stained red, I now trust anything he says! Plus they are the nicest people.) doesn't hurt either.
*Big thanks to Jeremy, the blog HERO, for fixing the enormous picture problem that I had!

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Carol said...

My feeling has always been that once an asshole, always an asshole.

Add that to only the good die young and look what we have to deal with ;-)

Just look at them and say "NORMANDIE" or "De Gaulle was a twit"...

Love ya,