Did I mention we are on winter vacation?
Well, if I did not we are.
I love France and all the vacations.
I love drinking coffee and watching cartoons with the kids (okay, I'm watching while I'm on Facebook).
We have not left the house in two days due to the small fact that Sir Aidan is sick.
We went to one of those indoor play gyms for kids and BAM!
Just like clock work.
Actually I don't mind.
We have snuggled watched movies, slept, ate popcorn, slept, painted, and done laundry.
We are running low on EVERYTHING in the house which I am not replenishing because we are escaping Paris for a few days, but I did manage to make THIS from the ingredients in the fridge.
The only think she doesn't tell you is to pre-cook your crust a bit before filling, other than that its perfect.
Now my little rug rats are in bed and the husband is on a train and it is time for a chick flick.


Mary said...

That looks YUM!!
Enjoy the Alps and say Hi to Patty.

Carol said...

That does look yummy! Enjoy your trip!!!