Day three and we still have not left the house.
I'm still not complaining seeing as bright and early in the morning we leave for Chamonix.
So I will post one more "art" story, minus all the complaining seeing as Jaylee is on her third afternoon painting with Mimi.
I would go too, but it seems that every time I leave Mimi's she gets me drunk.
Jaylee's class, not her art class, but her regular class competed in an art contest in the 16th arrondissements Marie (which is like city hall, each district has one) but I'm just going to say I had my art expos in the local bank of Pleasanton, TX or better yet the show barn if it was a special occasion.
Ah, these kids have it rough.
She was one proud little girl.


Mary said...

Why to go Miss J!!!! Totally awesome & impressive.

Dad said...

I'm here reading it all as often as possible and enjoying it all very much !!