Vegas continues

Thought I had forgotten about this little blog didn't you?
Nope, no chance of that.
I am just eating my way through Vegas, to the tune of 5 pounds since this little vacation started 4 weeks ago.
Four weeks and five pounds, ouch.
Why are the portions so big?
It's like a challenge or something.
I am also certain there is a link between the track suit that everyone wears in the USA and the food. By the way, I don't care how many logos you put on them or rhinestones, it's still a track suit.
Europe has converted me.
I too bought a workout outfit (track suit) the other day, (a new year called for a new one, since last years only saw couch time). This year is going to be different, I swear. I don't care how much the Wii Fit lady insults me, I will carry on!!!
Plus I like to drink a little, so I should balance it out.
I wore the track suit bottoms out of the house today. All day. I'm back sliding. The USA is pulling me in.
Which you are most likely asking yourself, when is she going home?
Well, I will tell you that I DO love it here and I had NO idea just how much I missed being around family. Someone asked Jaylee what she will miss most when we go back and she said: cousins.
She saw some balloons on an subdivision across the street from my mom's and asked if there was a party there. Balloons in Paris alway indicate a party in the building. When I told her no, they have houses for sell, she said:
"Oh' good, let's get a three bedroom one."
Tempting, very tempting.
Alas, we are not moving in across the street, nor are we moving in with my mom, we are staying here for a bit of testing.
Aidan has never had a good tummy, so we are looking into it.
Now, I don't have a good tummy.
I felt like I got hit with a bowling ball in my tummy when they said that we will be testing for two things:
Cystic Fibrosis and Crohn's Disease
A BIG bowling ball.
So, luckily all the testing centers got us in this week and we start testing first thing in the morning.
Wish us luck and send lots of prayers please! Let's all say it together: NO Cystic Fibrosis!


Kerrie said...

We are praying .We love you. Let us know how it goes and what we can do. Miss you all.

Pipa said...

Our hearts and prayers are with you today. All our love to you all

Tricia York said...

I'll be sending up lots of prayers for Aidan (and I'll toss in a few for you and your tummy, too!). Hugs!

gg said...

praying for you guys especially you.

Sari said...

We are praying for all of you. Hang in there. What a blessing that you are with your mom and near family during this testing.

Love to all,