Getting ready

The "get it done list" is amazing long around here. So, to remedy part of my list, I took all the laundry to the laundry mat and completed one very big to DO off the list. Ahh, but this is me, and things just don't go that smooth.
Feeling very smart for the rest of the day, I picked the kids up from school and we made our way home through the "burning" cold as Jaylee calls it. At one point on the bus I shot a lady the stink eye, because I was pretty certain she touched my purse.
I would now officially like to tell the woman she is smooth, very smooth. A lady with two kids on a crowded bus is distracted, very distracted and this mom's purse was unzipped because it had the after school snacks in it. So your welcome to the lady who took the VERY empty wallet because I had just fed every last red cent in it to the washing machines. Now, as for the hassle I must now go through with the bank and the carte de sejour office, well, Karma, dear lady, Karma.
To anyone who is not familiar with a carte de sejour...books have been written on the painful process of getting your hands on one. I had mine and the kids in my wallet.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...


Mary said...

May the witch burn,burn,burn and then use a colostomy bag forever.

Carol said...

I am so sorry....just what you need is more hassle...

Love you dear friend,


Marit said...

Oh no, what a bad timing!
Hope you get everything done before departure!
Enjoy the holidays!

Tricia York said...

I am so sad to hear that your wallet got stolen! SHAME on her! I can't imagine the hassle you have to go through to deal with the mess she's made. I'm sending a big hug across the pond to you!