Eat Ham

So, I never told you about Thanksgiving.

It's not a big part of French celebrations, but it small parts all over Paris, some people DO celebrate it.

Now, how we go about acquiring the food to celebrate Thanksgiving is a whole different story.

The turkey, the dang turkey.

You remember last year (click for the story)?

Well, not a lot changed this year.

Somewhere in France there are still numerous skinless Turkeys roaming the countryside.

Cold turkeys.

The difference this year is that I stood my ground with the butcher.

Let me paint the scene for you:

I sent my sister and her family out to sight see, because no tourist should be exposed to how one actually goes about schlepping all the groceries around town.

I enter the butcher on Market Day.

This means it's busy and the old ladies are out in force with carts as weapons.

The butchers assistant asks me what I would like.

In slow child like French, "I would like to order a turkey breast sufficient for 8 people with the skin please for tomorrow."

GASP and a very low toned, "OH, LA" from cranky old lady behind me.

Oh, la, la, can be happy and it can be not so happy, when it's said in a low tone and slow, that is French for "Oh shit".

I am not flustered by her old grumpy self.

The butchers assistant looks a bit confused and the butcher tries to clear it by pointing to the tranches of porc.

Porc (pork) and Peau (skin) must sound the same when I say them.

I say, "NON" and point to my skin.

The butcher tells her, "yes, the fat of the pig".

He is referring to wrapping the turkey in the fat of a pig.

Again, in childlike french I say, "as you wish, but ALSO I would like the skin."

The butcher walks away, suddenly remembering last years saga.

Another "OH, LA" from the lady behind me.

Apparently asking for the skin that came with the bird is TOO much for her to deal with.

Now I must explain that I want to place butter under the skin of the turkey mixed with herbs.

I get some points because I am using butter, the French love good butter.

Me too.

So now the assistant is done with me and she is ready to close this confusing deal.

I meet her at the counter and in very slow French she says,"One turkey breast sufficient for 8 people with the skin of a chicken."

Fine, whatever.

I picked up my porc wrapped turkey with the skin of a chicken nicely tied on top the next day at 17:00.

My butcher smiles, tells me how to cook it and again reminds me that he has never had any complaints of a dry turkey, "HIS" way.

Bonnes, ni a Martha Stewart/Good, neither has Martha Stewart.

I didn't say that, just in my head.


Mary said...

WOW....you are impressive Girl!!!!
Martha is going to have to start taking lessons from you.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Looked good. Justin said we are making a turkey for dinner as well as the prime rib. You must be missing it!. Love to you and counting down the days!!

Dad said...

Love it keep up the good BLOG!!
Great FRENCH turkey!!