What happens

The days are getting away from me.
Allison and John are here from Texas.
So, nice to spend time with them and play in the city with NO kids.
But then it's back to real life.
This is what happens when I take a shower.
I have so much more to say, but French homework (Jaylee's), bath time, bedtime rituals, and lunch preparations are calling.
Okay, perhaps a glass of red wine too.


Mary said...

Uhmmmmm......looks very similar as to when I use to shut the door to your room, however I don't see any dirty clothes mixed in with clean nor banned from bedrooms Dr.Pepper/Big Red beverages peeking out from under bed (of course they were spilt). I am thinking Grandchildren truly are paybacks. Enjoy!!

Campbell's House said...

I am loving that Mary Van actually felt good about typing the "word" spilt. I think that is akin to tumpt over, is it not?
You can take the girl outta Texas but you can't take the Texas outta the girl!

PS- Love Le Bevo t-shirt!

Peggy Rice said...

Oh, Renee she can even still pull out a "sum B^*@#" when you really get her going:)
MeMa/aka Mom that is just cruel bringing up Big Red:)

Mary said...

For clarity - that would be
"Common sum B^*@#".
As to spilt, check Encarta Dictionary. Just states past participle, past tense of spill....nothing 'bout special Texas slang.
Sorry Sunshine about the Big Red, but you have Real French Red Wine which is waaaaay better!!!
Renee, FYI there is no van in my name anymore ;)

Campbell's House said...

Old habits die hard... Love ya, Mary!