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When we decided that Pretty would take the job in Paris, every-one's first question was always:

"Do you speak French?"


Did the fact that I did not speak French make me nervous, not exactly. You see, there is an upside to stupidity, you have no idea there is anything to be afraid of.

When my friend Carol found out we were moving to Paris she suggested that I subscribe to this website: French Word a Day

I did and I loved it. I did not love it for it's French lessons, but for it's pictures of France and her storytelling. I must be honest, the first time I listened to her audio downloads, I got VERY nervous. I played it again and again, just hoping to understand just one word. Those downloads made me sweat a little. I stopped playing them. If you know me, that should not surprise you. Preparation is not my strong point. I much prefer to jump and then think about those swimming lessons I should have taken.

Childbirth? Same thing. Upon entering the hospital I asked the nurse for the cliff notes version of the classes I didn't take. I did just fine.

Push, rest, push.

It seriously is no different than a ride on public transportation in this city come to think of it.

Back on subject.

She is not only a blogger, but an author as well and I met her tonight. The American Library of Paris hosted a meet the author night and Katie and I went.

Have you ever been to a night like this?


If you think people watching in the States is fun, you should try watching Americans/British/Australians in another country trying to be really smart.


Katie and I where lucky enough to be standing by an over zealous American telling the people at the wine table (bonus!) to shhhh.

Hello! You are in France, wine is tres important, get your priorities straight lady.

Only one complaint from me about this wine table, why serve CRUNCHY snacks at a quiet event!??

Not that I want to see anyone suck the flesh off an olive and then discard the pit, but come now there are plenty of soft cheeses and chewy baguettes to go around this town.

Anyhow, I got over the crunchy noises and really enjoyed hearing her speak. She oozed warmth and gratitude and was just an all around genuine person. Perhaps that has something to do with the fact that she and her husband own a winery as well. His hands were PURPLE, not even kidding. I love that. When I went up to have her sign my book, I introduced myself and she KNEW me! From here. How fun is that? My first glimpse of Paris was through her blog and tonight I got to meet her. Life is fun sometimes.

Petite Anglaise was there as well, but I could not hear her that well and bless her heart she is pregnant as pregnant can be and I'm pretty certain she wanted to be anywhere but in that room. I am in the middle of her book right now and I love it. I even get to read it on the metro when I drop the kids off at school. The other day I sat in a cafe, read and sipped on my cafe creme.

How's that for city living?


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Carol said...

How cool...you got to meet her !

I love her blog and her photos...I know I was always nervous when we had authors at the bookstore...but they are folks too and sometimes they are looking for a friendly face.

Love ya,