Best Cake Ever

Want to have the most fun ever making a cake with your kids? Make this cake! I found it on Meg's Blog Whatever. During the process of making this cake, the laptop was up and running with two pages, one was Meg's site and the other was YouTube, I had directions and Jaylee had tunes. While mixing Jaylee asks, "how does she know so much?" of course, referring to Meg. So a huge thank you goes out to Meg! We had so much fun, thanks of course to all the fun inspiration from your blog.
Betty Crocker's got nothing on this girl! How did we get a Betty Crocker box in Paris? We've had visitors and I requested it. Gel food dye, just in case you were wondering cannot be found in my neighborhood, again good old USA, land of hydrogenated fat and artificial coloring.
Meg had warned that this cake takes a while to assemble, bake and the dishes would be plenty, she was not kidding. I also failed to take into account the childlike size of my appliances, counter space and kitchen!The contents of my refrigerated were out on the balcony! The kids were dying to get a bite of these colorful cakes, so when I cut the tops off, they were ready to taste test. We ended up having cake for supper. I am a good mom like that.
So, what did this masterpiece look like when my little one was all done mixing and baking?
We took it to school of course! She was so excited and the kids loved it, and yes I loved it too!When Claire cut into the cake the whole class went wowwww! I of course pushed the wrong button on the camera and missed it, but here is some fun footage from her and her class.

Lastly, I leave you with this, I hope you all have as much fun cooking as this girl!!!


Cari said...

You are such an awesome mom! The cake looks amazing! I think that might be a GREAT way to spend a lazy Saturday we had planned tomorrow. Stay tuned....... XOXO!

Campbell's House said...

Rainbow cakes?? What will they think of next?

Very "Austin" if you know what I mean ;) We may have to give it a whirl...

Grita will be soooo impressed with you skills! And, it looks like Home Ec is paying off.

Dainty said...

What an awesome and exciting cake! I let Bryce watch all the videos and look at the pictures. I explained to him that was his cousin and that you guys lived in Paris, France. He liked it so much, when the video ended he turned to me and said "I want to go there!" : ) Thanks for letting us in on the fun experience. Hope you are all doing well! Love you!

patty said...

That is just soooo adorable. The kids sound so cute with their little frenchy voices! :)

I brought a betty crocker carrot cake back from the U.S., we will have to bust that sucker out when you come for a visit!

meg duerksen said...

oh this is so great!
you ar sucha c ool mom! i love that you stuck your fridge stuff on the balcony!
so cool!
you informed jaylee that i don't know any more than you right? in fact...much less..i don't know french! i just LOVE that you made this!

jaclyn said...

you are the best momma!
i love this.
it is so sweet!
how fun - you know she will always remember this.
love ya girl.

Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

You win the Mother of the Year contest. I only did that at Christmas with the Christmas cookies. I was never brave enough to do it more than once a year. Now my kids do it themselves and I just watch and eat the fruits of their labors. Boy I miss the little ones.

Dad said...

Looks like you all really had a good time with the cakes! Glad we could bring them and it was GREAT to spend time with you !!


Marit said...

The cake looks fab! Not sure I would like to eat a fluorescent green cake:-). Looks are everything I assume!

Jon said...

Kate Gosselin's got nothing on you. You should have made it red white and blue layers. With "Dont Mess With Texas" across the top.

York Family said...

Thanks for the fun cake baking idea! Braxton would have ball making a cake like this! Too cute! Looks like Jaylee had fun!