Time changes everything

Life has a way of making you smile.

Just a year ago when Brandon and I celebrated his first birthday in Paris we went out for a night out by ourselves. This year he asked to just hang out with the family.

Wish granted.

He is gone so often now, that the kids don't want him out of their sight when he's home. You know what that means for mom when he's home. A big FAT break! They are loving their dad right now and I am loving all of them.

So what is a family weekend without a Jaylee social event? I don't know, because it seems like the kid is always on the go, so we follow. She partied at Explore-a-dome and so did we. Next stop church.

Yes, church on a birthday. What happened to excessive drinking on birthday's? We got older. The church we like is experimenting with a Saturday night service so off we went and it was very nice, followed by a family meal at an Italian restaurant (Brandon just spent a week in Italy, I'm sure he could have passed on this one).

The crowning glory of the weekend? A Canadian breakfast brunch with some new friends complete with American drip coffee, bacon and pancakes! O' yes and beer and Bloody Mary's. I said we were older, not dead. How did we top off this birthday extravaganza?

A nap.

Happy Birthday my love I enjoyed having you home!


Brandon said...

What a great weekend. I love you

Mary said...

Happy Birthday Brandon!!!! Time is being real good to you, enjoy the family, friends and food.

Carol said...

Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! Happy Birthday dear Brandon!

Love to all,


Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

A big Texas Happy Birthday to you, Brandon!!!! I used to like you, then I discovered, via the blog, that you are 5 years younger than me. I could be changing my opinion!!!