Say hello to my little friend

She just moved in down the street. Today was her first day on Rue Saint-Charles. She is well dressed and I believe a fashion classic with her choice of simple black and white accessories. However, the best part is when you REALLY get to know her. That my friends is a true lady. I do believe she and I are going to have a bright future together. Her name is Merveilleux.

I love her.

I have read a lot of books on France, but none of them have mentioned her. I am no longer sure I can trust these books.


Campbell's House said...

Gained 5 pounds just reading your post!

Brandon said...

How much does your new friend cost? Just kidding enjoy!!

Peggy Rice said...

No worries Renee, I ate enough for both of us! Pretty, it was worth every euro...you will have to see for yourself.

Jenn_Vegas said...

I know what i'll be dreaming of tonight.