• Drank to much last night with my girlfriend
  • Daughter walks by me this morning and laughs as she says, "look at that big gut"
  • Computer acting as if it's on the fritz
  • Rainy day
  • Aidan has "gastro" complete with the runs projecting up to his neck
  • Aforementioned girlfriend saves me and buys birthday presents for tomorrows early birthday party, due to being housebound with shitting child.
  • Aidan falls asleep leaving me to cry for help yet again for someone to retrieve Jaylee from school. Sleeping child, rain and gastro in a city that does not believe in changing tables does not make for a good mix.
  • Spend an hour online trying to figure out French banking site that does not give the the friendly ENGLISH version, same girlfriend comes over after work to save me and hey why not, let's have some more vodka (it's from Poland and it's tres yummy).
  • Husband makes his flight by the hair of his chiny, chin, chin.
  • Did I mention it's his birthday tomorrow and no ingredients in the house for a cake? Damn I'm good.

While Jaylee and Aidan were playing this afternoon I hear Jaylee say, "let's put the mommy here so she can watch over everything." That's me, just watching the circus roll on.


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Sari said...

Oh my!!! You know...it sounds like either you'd have to cry, laugh, or drink it off. Choice #3 would be my preference too. Thank God Brandon's home now. Hope you enjoyed his birthday. Hang in there. Hugs!