Those people

This morning I found a blog called We Are That Family...you know the ones
Very funny post and I tell you it so struck a cord with me.
However the harps starting screaming the cords to me, that WE the Rice's, are such a kindred spirit to these people, when this afternoon I was surrounded by 9 French emergency personnel in my living room.
No, not a Rice family as the center of attention, worse yet, the child that I was babysitting!!!!
He fell from the bunk bed ladder and it went down hill from there.
He took a brief nap to awake to his mother walking in the door and then he began to vomit.
I would say within 10-15 minutes of the phone call, my living room was filled to capacity with help for little Marlow.
He was brave and scared all at the same time and his mother was a vision of calm.
I, on the other hand, sat on my couch holding on to Aidan feeling as if I was drowning in a sea of French.
Everyone spoke in French back and forth and they were all very good with Marlow. However, my only thought was I want to go HOME!!!
Thank heavens Marlow's mother speaks French and GOOD French at that! She was amazing. If this was to happen to me, I am sad to say that the picture would not be so good. Today it hit me. What the crap am I doing? I would be a mess as the mother surrounded by the people speaking a foreign language about my son/daughter.
So I'm taking a deep breath and saying thank you, thank you to God that Marlow is doing okay right now. They took him to the Children's Hospital, where he still is as of now, and so far so good. He has one more scan to make sure he did not fracture his skull (ARGhhhh) and then he is in the clear. So let's all pray and cross our fingers that Marlow will be up and running again in no time!
In the meantime, I've put the ladder to the bunk beds away!
Not to mention I have new found desire to study my French Lesson.


Becky said...

There is nothing worse than being in a country were you don't speak the language very well (I did know some German, but not enough) and being in a crisis. Mine was taking a medication that the military had given me and I went into full shock within four hours of taking it. The husband is dragging me through the airport (no er in germany!!) and my throat closed. Last thing I remember is a bunch of men with HUGE guns standing over me on the floor. Woke up in a clinic with the husband telling them he didn't know what happened that I had started on new medicine. Freaky. The little boy will be ok. They are amazing little creatures. Mine fell through my ceiling onto the floor. He is fine other than his total lack of concern of how much it cost to fix it....
Take a deep breath and know that one day you will be the one fluent in French and that these little "disasters" are OK. God has your back, girl.
Now go drink some bad out wine. Love ya.

Carol said...


It is always worse when it is someone else's child...be a little kinder to yourself.

Love ya


patty said...

Soooo, that's why you didn't answer your phone when I called today! :) It's ok lady. The kids ok, the mom's ok, and every little one has to take a crash once or twice in there lives! Love you lots!