Do you ever meet those people in life that you feel like you have known forever? These are those kind of people. Well, Roxanne might not have felt that way about me at first meeting, she was Jaylee's teacher and I was the paranoid anal retentive mother sending notes to school in the first week, but she grew to love me. Kim was the class mother and fabulous! We hit it off immediately and the fact that we all love mojitos and laughing over too many mojitos sealed the deal. Friends for life.
They arrived in Paris this morning and we hit the road running. They were so tired, but great sports.

Does she not look perfect in Paris?What's a day in Paris without rain? Like the umbrella? That would be the spare I have for Jaylee in the stroller. By the way, best trench coat I've seen so far.

Meet Christian. He is so tired, but nothing that a little sugar can't fix. I would just like to say that he did not like the chocolate eclair. He ate the chocolate off the top and not the inside. If he were a woman our friendship would be over.

Moi Petit Prince. He too is tired, no nap today and no school. We will visit why he is not in school later this week.

Last but not least, meet Roxanne. Let me be clear, if you come to Paris you will be tired the first day. But do not sleep. Roxanne wanted to, but I would not let her. At one point during lunch she is glazed over looking at me hoping for translation of what the waiter had just said to her. He had spoken in English. Earlier, she opened her suitcase read a letter from her mom and went into hysterical crying laughter, which was quickly followed by hives. O' but the tears and laughter were not finished just yet. One ride in our "mini" elevator and they came back. She ended her night with a glass of Rum the size of a Big Gulp. Straight Rum.

Welcome to Paris, it will do that to you.

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