My friend Susannah went back to work (don't get any ideas Pretty) and we are hanging out with Griffin and Marlow on Wednesday mornings now.
This is going to sound like a shocker, but 4 kids was not so bad. They all played well together. Yes, even Aidan was on his best behavior.
Griffin and Marlow are from Australia so mid morning Griffin looked at me and said, "we haven't had morning tea."
Right then.
So I served up the Texas version of morning tea, on the couch of course in front of cartoons. We not only did tea like semi-socialized people, but look who really can play well with others.The only person Aidan hit all day was his sister.
He did learn that he could hand over a train and it would still remain in the house.
Such a proud moment.
However, later Wednesday afternoon the Aidan I know and love came out again in full force due to no nap.
Walking down the street pushing the screaming son with Jaylee by my side outfitted for ballet she says,
"He's not even ashamed to act that way."
I think I will use that same line on her the next time she back talks.
Which will be right after school today when I show up with a snack that does not pass the JAYLEE RICE stamp of approval.

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Jenn_Vegas said...

I did not know 4 year olds drink tea, i guess it's the same as asking for a soda. Also have you checked out Gwenn Paltrow's blog, www.goop.com she's talking about Paris this week.