I tried out a new face cream last night.

If you were a client you know that I'm not a huge fan of any company that does make-up, perfume, toilet paper, clothes and skin care all in one. But when it's a free sample and it's Dior's Capture Total I decided I would give it a try. Anything that retails for $125.00 can't be too bad.

I smooth on my new wonder cream and a bit later I ask Brandon to feel my face. He complies and says, "yeah, but why is your face all red?"


Sure enough it is red, but I'm not alarmed. Trust me I have had purple scabs on my face before from "experiments" at work, I do not get flustered by redness.

From the living room I hear,

"Finally, something expensive that you are allergic to."


I recall back when we were living in sin together, that he once brought home a cat knowing very well how allergic I was to them (I'm pretty sure he was trying to ditch me, but you see how well that worked!).

I acclimated to that stinking, shedding cat, I can acclimate to Dior.


Kerrie.sra@gmail.com said...

Enjoty the cream every last drop. You have earned it. I am jealous. I will stick to Dermalogica. I know what it does for my face.

thill said...

Peggy- I think you have found a second career- writing. Your blog is so witty and entertaining. I enjoy keeping up with you through your posts and pictures.