Must do

There are a few things you must do when in Paris, the big one of course.

Most people want to go and see herNow, if you are coming for a visit to the Rice household, chances are this is going to happen on at least one occasion. If you're lucky two. The second will come after a day at the "happiest place on earth", otherwise known as Disneyland.Now, my list of must do and see in Paris is a bit different. If you come here, you must have Raclette. Granted I do believe it is better in the north, but you should still have it while in Paris. It's unique and delicious.She did not have it. Kim and I did. She had spaghetti. My suggestion, if in Paris don't have spaghetti while out to dinner, because chances are good that you are going to have it at my house as well. Plus my husband goes to Italy all the time and I do believe mine is better. I'm just saying.

Another stop on my tour is ice cream. Amorino. It is close to Notre Dame, so I'm certain it must be Holy.

She did not even finish hers. If someone went to the trouble of making your ice cream look like a flower, I say you must finish it. I'm not sure I can be REAL friends with her anymore.

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Kerrie said...

You are going to be sick of the site seeing stuff after two families visiting you in the same month. But to let you know I will finish my ice cream. I will also try the swiss cheese dish.