Happiest Place on Earth?

It has moments of happiness, that is for sure.
For instance when you are so excited that you must wear dress up clothes all day and then pass out before you ever get to Disney.Anticipation of the parade is definitely an exciting moment.See that guy in the street. Just call him Foot Nazi. If you are in his "space" get ready to rumble, because this French man is serious about his parade space. I'm certain he did not get the memo on politeness to visitors. Not even he could stop this Texas boy from getting a handshake.Sir Aidan was asleep for the parade last time, so this time we started our day at 3:00 so he awoke to thisYou know what happens when you wake from a nap to the sheer joy of a parade and then the parade is over?
Pure two year old melt down.
I would love to say that I have a picture, but this whole crowd ditched me. Leaving me alone with a two year old foaming at the mouth.Gone, fast as lightening.

Speaking of lightening, that is the only thing that would get Aidan to remove his reflective shield head gear.

His sister was actually one happy girl for the day. My cousin Angie made a great observation about my kids. When you give my kids everything they want, they turn on you and quickly. Something about having it all does not sit well with them. So the new rule is one treat per trip.

Working like a charm.

Now that's not to say that our children are not kicking our ass, because they are. Trust me when I say this, there is no ass kicking, like an ass kicking from your own children.Roxane is not one of the kids that kicked our ass, but she did bring up a great point on the way home. As we all sat on the metro with our battle wounds from the day she says, "Do I have to remind everyone we just left the Happiest Place ON Earth!"

You know what's even funnier. We bought a season passes that day. Technically speaking we just bought ourselves a season of ass kicking.


Kim McCaslin Schlieker said...

We made it home and Christian was a rock star again on the plane!!! Thank you, Jesus. The blog comments are great and certainly sum up our trip. Thanks for the hospitality. We loved spending time with you guys, as always. I'll post soon on my blog about the trip as well.

Marit said...

Hi Peggy,
How long did you queue to get those seasons passes? We saw the immense queues and decided against it.-)

Campbell's House said...

Amen, Sista! I hope you rewarded yourself with a treat, too! Maybe a Mickey Mouse shaped tumbler of nice red wine?