Fete de Printemps

What more of a reason do you need for a party than to welcome Spring!In Texas I do believe we took the sunshine for granted. Well, not here my friends. We are coming up on our year anniversary here in Paris and if I have learned one thing it is to ENJOY the sun when it is shining. Jaylee's school even throws a party for the first day of Spring. Prior to moving here I would have said "What? Why?". Ahhh, how quickly we change our minds. So today she wore her Garden Fairy outfit loud and proud on the bus and off to school we went. Not one person even cracked a smile when she boarded. The morning commuters can be a tough crowd, or are they just used to me and my three ring circus boarding the bus? Maybe they were shocked that I actually had a husband (Brandon was with us this morning).
Regardless of what my fellow bus peeps thought we were off to a FETE (Party)!
The gang was all there! Complete with butterflies, gardeners and ladybugs.

I love to see her so happy! If she could I do believe she would wear this outfit everyday. Her new saying is, "I gotta tell you mom I'm liking this."

If I don't say so myself, I'm liking this too. Welcome Spring!!!!

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Campbell's House said...

Love, love, love the outfit!