Coffee run

The original plan was to see Sacre Coeur today. But after getting two kids, no make that one pissed off 5 year old (it is a drag when your parents try to make you NOT look like an ass for the day!) off to school and Aidan to his new school and everything else that goes on here at the Rice domain, I made it to coffee, down the street from Sacre Couer. Close enough for now.
The coffee was not so great, but the company was.

Plus, if you know me well, you know that I love any place that decorates with chalkboards!Memories of my old kitchen!

Have a good Monday.


Jeremy said...

Holy crap! A salle kronenbourg for 3,20 Euro??

Peggy Rice said...

That's too funny, we are used to it now. Cafe creme, which is the same as a coffee with steamed milk is 4,20 euro. If I find one for 3,00 I'm excited!

jeanne said...

So, I've seen the kids and Rob, where is Kerrie? Hope you are all having a great time. Get a picture of the eight of you for me please?
Love & Kisses, Mom & Barney